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Jacqueline Jones she/her

PhD Research Scholar

Sex and Relationship Therapy

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Therapy

Porn, Kink, Fetish, Pansexuality

Sex and the Fuller Figure

COSRT Registered Psychosexual Therapist

COSRT Registered Relationship Therapist

NCIP Registered Practitioner

Due to demand, I have just opened a Saturday morning clinic

Sex and Relationship Therapy

Therapeutic services offered

My training offers clinical sexological expertise and my approach is supportive,

warm and welcoming.

Sex is stressful, anxiety provoking and getting in the way for my clientele who often have successful businesses, careers and full family or social lives. Sex is not as satisfying as it was, or as good as it could be. Issues with porn, kink, fetish, pansexuality or BDSM. Sex might feel out of control, painful or boring. Communication may be non-existent.

Body image may be a real issue.


As a specialist Sex and Relationship Therapist with a background in journalism, communication is at the heart of my work. It is the key to the relationship with ourselves and in our relations with others.


I have undergone highly specialised Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy training. This is combined with experience working as a Psychosexual Therapist at Relate with private, NHS, Royal Air Force and University of Cambridge clients. I can therefore safely offer my highly specialised services below.



Psychosexual Therapy

Relationship Therapy

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

For sexual function concerns such as erection difficulties, delayed ejaculation, early ejaculation, orgasm issues, pain on penetration

and low desire.

Psychosexual Therapy also works with concerns around sexuality, identity, shame and body image.

I have a particular interest in pansexuality and sex and the fuller figure.

I also offer help to clients who are interested in kink and are starting to explore. 

If you are looking for a professional who has energy, kindness and clinical expertise, please do get in touch. 

For all types of relationship and sexual concerns inc. concerns with kinks and fetishes, infidelity, desire discrepancy, conflict, sexual function concerns within a relationship, BDSM and communication issues.

I take time to research and plan every unique client appointment with care.

I am currently a PhD Research Scholar of Out of Control Sexual Behaviours. I offer help to clients who feel their sex life is out of control and may think of themselves as 'sex addicts.' In my private practice I prefer to use the term Compulsive Sexual Behaviour, as my therapeutic style is contemporary. My approach is about inclusivity alongside sex and body positivity. You will not find me to be a stuffy, stale source of support. I run a modern practice and welcome people from all walks of life and experience, having had a somewhat unconventional life myself. 

I offer Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Therapy to clients who think their sex life is problematic. I am able to offer a very tailored, unique programme of support using my highly specialised knowledge and my ongoing research.

Psychosexual Books

The type of therapy I practice is Pluralism, which means I create a unique therapy experience drawing on a wide variety of different types of therapy to suit each unique client. There is no one size fits all in sex positivity and size acceptance.

Working together we can identify goals - and with practical exercises - we can start working on what is going on, and what needs to be put in place to help you feel better. 


I currently work exclusively with a small client base of adults aged 18 and over.

I work in-person, online and via telephone.

I am privileged to work with many kinds of people including Gender, Sex and Relationship Diverse Clientele.

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