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Questions Answered

What are your top tips when it comes to talking about sex?

  • Share what you like, enjoy, or do not. What would you like to try?

  • Let your body do the talking, show your partner/s how you engage in solo sex, take their hands and guide them to where you want.

  • Take heart from the fact that many people struggle with talking about sex. Let me help you

Can you explain the difference between sex and intimacy?

Sex is generally thought to be about sexual function, like the act of vaginal, anal, or manual (using hands) intercourse, or oral-genital stimulation. Solo sex is also a thing. For some people sex equals kissing, holding hands, using AI or the use of fantasy. Some people have no interest in sex whatsoever. Others are more interested in intimacy, which is the closeness that is felt when the private and personal self are shared. Intimacy is about feeling, emotion, warmth, and connection. Some people feel more intimate playing chess with another rather than taking their clothes off for a quickie. We are all different. We are all unique. That is what makes us so special.

How do you work?

  • I have experience as a Psychosexual Therapist at Relate with NHS, Royal Air Force and University of Cambridge clients. 

  • We work together and progress is reviewed on a regular basis to honour where you have been, and keep you on track of where you would like to go. A contract will be signed and payment is made before the Initial Consultation, and every session or block of sessions. There is a 72-hour cancellation policy and if less notice is given, or none at all, this will result in full payment of the session. ​

  • Individual Therapy is £80 for 50 minutes to an hour. Sessions of 1.5 hours are £110.

  • Relationship Therapy of two or more people is £100 for 50 minutes to an hour. Sessions of 1.5 hours are £130.

  • Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Therapy is £120. Sessions are 50 minutes to an hour.  Longer sessions are available on request, but would need to be discussed first. 

  • Discounts for OAPs, Key NHS workers, students and low incomes are available on request, but places are limited.

Therapy is a commitment of time and financial resources.

Invest in your relationship with yourself and others.

Further Information

In cases outside the scope of my sexological expertise, I may need to make a referral to a trusted colleague, or other health professional, who might be better placed to help. I would only do this with your written consent. 

If you are suffering severe anxiety or severe clinical depression I would not be best able to help, as that would be outside of my professional competency.




Please connect with me if you have any questions and would like to

book your Initial Consultation.


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