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Services Offered

Psychosexual Therapy

Understanding your sexuality and what is going on for you so you can have a better sex life.

£80 Individual client

£100 Two or more people


 Relationship Therapy

Work out what is going 'wrong' for you in relationships and put things 'right.'

Communication skills learnt working in the media are now used to help individuals, and relationships of two or more people, communicate more effectively and with greater confidence.

£80 Individual client 

£100 Two or more people

 Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Therapy

Find out what could be driving your behaviour and what your erotic template is made up of.

£100 Individual client

One of my specialisms is Compulsive Sexual Behaviour. I am a PhD Research Scholar in this area.

Knowledge gained from working towards this Doctor of Philosophy qualification goes back to

my clients, who are

at the heart of what I do.


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